Green Building: As it becomes increasingly clear the impact our lives have on the environment, the call to lessen that impact becomes more urgent.

One of the major areas that we create environmental impact is the buildings we live and work in.  What these buildings are made of, where the materials come from, where they are built, how they use water and energy, and how they affect air quality are some of the factors that determine the impact these buildings have on the environment.  How these considerations are addressed is what makes a building "green" or not.

Maximizing the use of renewable and recycled materials, reducing energy and water use, and avoiding the use of materials that emit toxic fumes and irritants are examples of how to "green" a building.  There are many ways to address the environmental impact of a building - so many, in fact, that an entire specialty has developed to address the subject.

A few decades ago, "green living" was almost exclusively the field of those who were willing to make radical lifestyle choices, often foregoing modern conveniences.  There were not a lot of practical options for most people.  Now the field has advanced to where any home or building owner can significantly improve their environment and shrink their environmental footprint.  That is "Green Building".

LA HillsideHomesInc works with LEED certified consultants to help its clients achieve their goals for environmentally sound home and work environments.

LEED is the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, a green building rating and certification program from the U.S. Green Building Council.